Aircraft*                                                                                                                                                   Ships*
1. Military, 1/144 & smaller                                                                                                       27. Surface Powered Vessels
2. 1/72 Single Engine Prop                                                                                                          28. Sail/Oar Powered
3. 1/72 Single Engine Jet                                                                                                              29. Submarine
4. 1/48 Single Engine Prop
5. 1/48 Single Engine Jet                                                                                                              Figures
6. 1/72 Multi Engine (Jet & Prop)                                                                                                                   30. Historical, 54mm & smaller
7. 1/48 Multi Engine Jet                                                                                                                31. Historical, Larger than 54mm
8. 1/48 Multi Engine Prop                                                                                                            32. Sci-Fi, Robot/Fantasy/Comics
9. Military, 1/32 and Larger                                                                               
10. Rotary Wing, All Scales                                                                                                          Dioramas & Vignettes
11. Civil, Sport, Racing                                                                                                                                            33. Vignettes (no vehicles)
34. Armor
Armor*                                                                                                                                                      35. Aircraft
12. AFV All Eras: 1/48 & Smaller                                                                                                                      36. Automotive
13. WWII or Earlier AFVs: 1/49 & Larger                                                   
14. Modern AFV, 1946 & up, 1/49 & Larger                                                                                           Space & Sci-Fi Vehicles*
15. Ordinance: All Scales                                                                                                               37. Real Space, Missiles, Rockets
16. Soft Skin & Armored Cars: All Scales                                                                            38. All Sci-Fi, Movies Vessels or Vehicles

Automotive*                                                                                                                                         Collections
17. Factory Stock                                                                                                                                39. 3 or More Models, Same Theme
18. Street Machine, All Years
19. Street Rod                                                                                                                                      Miscellaneous
20. Competition, Open Wheel                                                                                                 40. All Other Entries
21. Competition, Closed Wheel
22. Competition, Dragsters                                                                                                         Juniors Categories (Entrant 15 Yrs Or Younger)
23. Customized, All Years                                                                                                              1. Automotive               5. Figures
24. Trucks                                                                                                                                                                         2. Aircraft                         6. Miscellaneous
25. Motorcycles                                                                                                                                   3. Armor                            7. Junior Dioramas
26. Municipal/Commercial                                                                                                          4. Ships

*Out-Of-The-Box Awards in These Categories

-This contest is open to all to all model builders. Entries can be plastic, wood, metal, resin, etc., but no fully pre-assembled die-cast entries.
-There will be NO sweeps in any category (one entrant will win 1st, another 2nd, and another 3rd).
-Models that have won Judges Grand Award ,  People's Choice Award, and any Best of Category in any previous CAN/AM CON are ineligible to    compete, but may be displayed.
-Judges' decisions are final in all matters. Contest judges have the right to place a model in another category, if they deem appropriate.
-Models may be displayed on simple bases. Bases will not be considered during judging, except for vignettes and dioramas.
-Neither IPMS Champlain Valley, Mount Mansfield Modelers, the Judges, Nor Plattsburgh Holiday Inn assume any liability for the loss or damage to entries.
-A junior entrant must be 15 years of age or younger.
-No reference material will be allowed on the table due to space constraints. Only exception instruction sheets from the kit for OOTB entries.
-A collection is defined as three or more closely related models which are the work of one person. The closeness of the relationship within the collection will be a factor in judging. For example, 3 versions of a Tiger tank are closer than 3 different German tanks.
-An "out-of-the-box" entry is defined as any kit constructed using only kit parts and instructions. "High Tech" kits may be entered. Please display kit instructions with your entry to qualify as OOB. (An OOB model displayed without instructions will require the judge to use their best judgment to determine if you qualify as an OOB entry.)

Theme & Special Awards For CAN/AM CON 12

Theme Awards: D-Day + 70 YearsSpecial Awards
Best D-Day Aircraft                                                                                                 Best Military Subject with Canadian Markings
Best D-Day Armor                                                                                                   Best 1964-1973 Muscle Car
Best D-Day Ship                                                                                                      Best Battle of Plattsburgh/War of 1812 Subject
Best D-Day Figure                                                                                                   Best of Class: Aircraft, Auto, Armor, Ship, Fig.,
Best D-Day Diorama/Vignette                                                                               Diorama, Space/Sci-Fi
People's Choice and Judges Best-of-Show

Contest Schedule                    8:30 AM - 9:00 AM Vendor Setup          Noon - 3:00 PM Judging
9:00 AM - Noon Registration                 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Awards



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