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  1. The Contest is open to all model builders
  2. There will be no sweeps in any categorie. There will be no limit on the number of entried per categorie per contestant
  3. Models which have won first place in any previous CAN/AM CON are ineligible
  4. Judge's decisions are final in all maters. Contest Judges have the right to place a model in another categorie if deemed appropriate, Judges will NOT judge any categorie(s) in which they are entered
  5. Models may be displayed on simple bases. Bases will not be considered during judging except for vignettes, and dioramas
  6. Neither IPMS Champlain Valley Chapter, the Comfort Inn, nor the judges assum liability for loss or damage to entries
  7. A junior entrant must be 15 years of age or younger
  8. No Reference Material will be allowed on the table, howeve documentation for unusual/obscure/controversial schemes or structures should be available for judge's consideration
  9. Conversions must constitute a drastic change to alter the version, model, or mark. A model will be considered stock with addition of resin or after-market unless it meets conversion rules
  10. Stock category models must be displayed intact with no seperation of structures (i.e. removable turrets. decks, housings, panels etc.)
  11. An Out-of-Box entry is defined as any single commercially available modelkit constructed using only the kit parts and kit instructions. Seams may be filled, surface detail may be restored if lost due to seam filling, exhausts and armament may be drilled, rigging and antennae may be added and alternate colors and markings applied. Kit instructions must be displayed with the entry.