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51 Chevy Towncar by

1) AMT 51 Chevy BelAire (Blue Car) for driver Section cut behind the doors and cut the roof at the window vents, so most of the roof length as possible. The remainder of the car was used at the rear. The Center section {51 Chevy Belaire (brown Car)} was cut just forward of doors to form the passenger area. The Last 2 cuts made were to fit the rear section of the car. [NOTE: Pie cut above rear fender to fit rear section of car]


2) After the Body was finished I built the chassis to fit the top of the car. Using 2 kits I had enough wheels for a tandem axle


3) The interior is finished using existing seats and some sheet styrene to create the "Storage" area


4) The exterior was covered with a band to hide the roof seam. The Trunk had a TV antenna that was scaled from an actual limousine. The remainder of windshield was cut for the driver. The door on the passenger side was cut and hinged. The overall car was finished in a blue metallic/Chezoom Teal Pearl and High gloss Overcoat. The figures are from a fujimi kit.


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